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Overwrite remote sqlite db with local db on heroku (push database)

April 2, 2011 2 comments

Check first, local.db is exist

      sopir@debian:~/public_html/scanty/scanty$ ls
      access.log  blog.db  lib  main.rb  public  Rakefile  README.rdoc  spec  vendor  views

Push to repo

      sopir@debian:~/public_html/scanty/scanty$ heroku db:push sqlite://blog.db
      Loaded Taps v0.3.9
      Warning: Data in the app 'sopir' will be overwritten and will not be recoverable.
      Are you sure you wish to continue? (y/n)? y
      Sending schema
      Schema:        100%
      |=======================================================================================================================| Time: 00:00:02
      Sending indexes
      Sending data
      1 tables, 0 records
      posts:         100%
      |=======================================================================================================================| Time: 00:00:00
      Resetting sequences
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